Every industry has its laggards. The kind of people who provide cringe-worthy quotes that you just know they’ll come to regret. Here’s a smattering of coverage and commentary of the cloud accounting industry. See if you can spot the odd one out – CCH Magazine – “It’s the next big thing. Online, cloud-based accounting is coming and it’s […]

The Tech Blog arms race heats up

The tech blogs of the world are tasked with covering the latest gadgets and, increasingly, technology startups. They write at length about the personnel pilfering, technological one-upmanship and marketshare squabbling occurring between all the thrusting young tech firms in San Francisco, Shoreditch and elsewhere. This is why I find it entertaining that some of the best technological […]

K-Pop and Chaebols

This piece from The Verge today is an excellent introduction to the rather odd world of K-Pop, which is as close to a music factory as you’re likely to find on the planet. Disappointingly for a tech site the didn’t cover what is, for me, the most interesting aspect of K-Pop, which is that many […]

Mixed feelings

This piece in AllThingsD caught my eye today. Emirates, who have long been the tech-lover’s airline of choice, are now allowing passengers to use their mobile phones in-flight on all routes that don’t pass within 250 miles of America. I actually know the reasons for this following some research I did for another piece. The […]