How to get unlimited free Facebook Likes on any post

Excuse the rather spammy title. This caught my eye today – some academic research into how companies can game Facebook Likes to beef up their social stats. It reminded me of something I discovered about Facebook Likes when putting together this piece about social share counts.

Happy 10th Birthday Facebook; you’re dead to me

The media is packed to the gills with swooning coverage of Facebook’s tenth anniversary today, which is lovely; they’ve built a highly successful tech business and deserve all the accolades they receive. However, for small publishers out there it seems Facebook has never been more useless. More and more Facebook is artificially haemorrhaging audiences across […]

Spying on clickthroughs and debunking “influence”

One increasingly important (and uncomfortably cringe-inducing) part of the content marketer’s toolbox is “targeting influencers”. In plain English this means getting your stuff in front of an influential person in the hope that they’ll spread it onwards to their followers. Influencer targeting can take many forms, and although marketers will tell you it’s the greatest mega-innovation […]

Social leads and conversions – some interesting data

The “how to get loads of new leads from social media” blog post is a firm favourite in the small business press. I imagine this is largely because social networks are still something of a white elephant to many business owners, and those who have done it successfully like the opportunity to crow about their […]

Why the Crunch social media setup is the best

Earlier this week I was watching Channel 4 News with Ashley, when this happened – My reaction was a sort of spluttery laugh accompanied by a rolling of the eyes. This is nothing against Ms Bussmann in particular, but all the “Social media experts” I’ve encountered in my professional life have been a woeful shower […]