Pancake day, and other made-up holidays

One of the most prestigious events on the national calendar here in the UK is Shrove Tuesday, otherwise known as Pancake Day. As with most holidays its religious underpinnings have been completely forgotten (it’s something to do with Lent I think?) in favour of gluttony, and tradition dictates families must cook and eat as many […]

Recommended reading: Escape from Camp 14

I’m an unashamed North Korea junky. I devour anything and everything I can about the DPRK, and generally find the whole country – and all the various horrors contained within it – fascinating. Most of the books I’ve read on North Korea are factual or historical studies. Under the Loving Care of the Fatherly Leader by Bradley […]

My ‘RIP Patrick Moore’ story

Yesterday while in London with Ashley I learned about the sad passing of Sir Patrick Moore, astronomer, writer and all-round eccentric. For my generation Sir Patrick was best known as GamesMaster, a disembodied cyborg head offering advice to small children on how to beat zone 6 on Sonic & Knuckles, and challenging celebrities to complete certain […]

K-Pop and Chaebols

This piece from The Verge today is an excellent introduction to the rather odd world of K-Pop, which is as close to a music factory as you’re likely to find on the planet. Disappointingly for a tech site the didn’t cover what is, for me, the most interesting aspect of K-Pop, which is that many […]

Korea, mother of invention

Recently I finally killed off the blog I used to keep when I lived in Seoul and transferred all the posts here. You can find them in reverse chronological order here. After moving them over I went on a bit of a wine-fuelled nostalgia trip and read a load of them for the first time […]