Children’s Day

Today is Children’s Day, a day when Koreans stop work and……..celebrate children, I guess. All the kids get taken out on nice trips by their parents, usually to a theme park or the cinema or for a picnic. As such I shall most likely not be venturing out, because everywhere will be closed or gridlocked. […]

Baseball & Strawberries

Last week I finally got to enjoy that great Korean pastime that they stole from the Americans – baseball. One of the Korean teachers, Maxim, is an avid LG Twins fan, so she took us to their stadium and tried to explain the rules to us. It turns out that the rules of baseball I […]

Art Corner

Earlier this week Maxim-Teacher got her class to draw pictures of me as a present. Here are the results – From Kid's Drawings From Kid's Drawings From Kid's Drawings From Kid's Drawings From Kid's Drawings From Kid's Drawings Needless to say, I was touched.

A Farewell Letter From Betty’s Mum

Dear Jon Hi~ This is Betty’s mommy. Actually, today is the last day of her Kids-club life. Instead of her, I’d like to say good-bye to you. Sorry to say this word because the decision to leave kids club is based on my opinion. Anyway, I’ve never seen such a highest teacher just like you […]

Hands off my childhood, Korea.

When I signed my contract to come to Korea there was a section about not entering into relationships with any of the students. Little did I know that an entirely different type of inappropriate touching would be going on. Specifically, Korea as a whole (or, more accurately, Asia as a whole) buggering my precious childhood […]


The week before last was the final week of the academic year, and as such on Friday we had our graduation ceremony. Orange Class, the oldest class, and the ones who were actually leaving to start proper school, wore western-style robes, everybody else wore their school uniform. Orange Class also got the dubious honour of […]

A Very Kid’s Club Christmas

Last week before our Winter Holiday started (apologies for the lack of updates – that’s what I’ve been doing, having a nice holiday), we had a Christmas Party at school. It was a very nice way to wind down after a long term, and the kids were just as ready to have a week off […]

The Kids of Kid’s Club Part 6 – Thomas

Name – Thomas Age – 4 Class – Cherry Favourite Phrase – “Yes. No no no no no!” when getting yes and no confused. Favourite Class – Reading Additional Information – Thomas is something of a tragic figure due to being so incredibly smart in a class full of jabbering idiots. He tries his best […]

Pepero Day!

This past Wednesday (11/11) was Pepero Day in Korea, a national holiday not to honour the war dead like in Britain and America, but to eat a particular type of sweet called a Pepero (Pocky in Japan), which is a little biscuit stick dipped in chocolate. For about a fortnight before the day people kept […]