How to add websites and apps to your Chrome OS shelf

Here’s a handy tip I picked up the other day. Adding bookmarks to Chrome is pretty damn easy, obviously, but for some reason Google haven’t added the ability to put them on your Chrome OS shelf yet (the shortcut bar at the bottom of the screen). However, this feature is being built by Google and […]

What are social share buttons really counting?

Every article online these days will sport the web-doohickey du jour,  social sharing buttons. Their purpose, ostensibly, is to let readers share that piece of content easily on their social network of choice – but they’re increasingly used in Internet dick-measuring contests to boast about ‘share counts’. However not all shares are equal. Each social network […]

Brighton SEO – a tale of two urinals

WARNING for all #brightonseo boys. Venue has confusing toilet design. For clarity:… — Tom Bailey (@BomTailey) April 12, 2013 Yesterday I spent most of the day at the Brighton Dome attending BrightonSEO. Most of the people who know me raised at least one eyebrow when I announced I was going – I don’t have […]

Spying on clickthroughs and debunking “influence”

One increasingly important (and uncomfortably cringe-inducing) part of the content marketer’s toolbox is “targeting influencers”. In plain English this means getting your stuff in front of an influential person in the hope that they’ll spread it onwards to their followers. Influencer targeting can take many forms, and although marketers will tell you it’s the greatest mega-innovation […]

Social leads and conversions – some interesting data

The “how to get loads of new leads from social media” blog post is a firm favourite in the small business press. I imagine this is largely because social networks are still something of a white elephant to many business owners, and those who have done it successfully like the opportunity to crow about their […]