When does PR become astroturfing?

Boundaries are all-but nonexistent in the world of writing today. Brands publish more content than publishers, writers do their own PR, PRs do SEO, and SEOs basically just annoy everybody else. So it’s not surprising that in this omnishambolic world companies are pushing the boundaries of acceptable behaviour to give themselves a leg-up.

Brighton bloggers – come blog the Brighton Digital Festival with me

Every September Brighton hosts its very own Digital Festival, and it’s awesome. The 2012 festival featured everything from tech-inspired theatre to geeky pub quiz nights to Seb Lee-Delisle’s amazing audience-controlled digital fireworks. It’s the perfect showcase of the confluence of technology and the arts that takes place in our fair city, and it’s a highlight of the […]

The Tech Blog arms race heats up

The tech blogs of the world are tasked with covering the latest gadgets and, increasingly, technology startups. They write at length about the personnel pilfering, technological one-upmanship and marketshare squabbling occurring between all the thrusting young tech firms in San Francisco, Shoreditch and elsewhere. This is why I find it entertaining that some of the best technological […]