Paym is the kind of mess you get when UK banks innovate

Paym launched today with wall-to-wall media coverage. It’s a new payment system developed by the Payments Council (the people in charge of making sure financial transactions in the UK work) that allows the sending and receiving of money using just a mobile number as identifying information.

Mortgages and other wastes of time

Anyone reading The Times last weekend would have spotted my awkward face peering out from the front page of the Money section. Ashley and I were used as a case study of a freelancing couple who can’t get a mortgage. Our situation is a little different from most freelancers (a bizarre mixture of salaried employment, […]

Someone make my online banking look like this

It seems no matter who your financial institution of choice, online banking is a total mess. I have yet to see an online banking system that is modern, functional and – most importantly – does what I want it to do. I could write a book about the ways in which Lloyds TSB’s online banking […]