Happy 10th Birthday Facebook; you’re dead to me

The media is packed to the gills with swooning coverage of Facebook’s tenth anniversary today, which is lovely; they’ve built a highly successful tech business and deserve all the accolades they receive. However, for small publishers out there it seems Facebook has never been more useless. More and more Facebook is artificially haemorrhaging audiences across […]

When companies try to alter the way we speak / why Bing is evil

There are many elements of advertising which I find insipid, but perhaps the worst offender is when a company takes it upon themselves to try to alter the way we speak and forcibly insert its brand into the common lexicon. For some companies this happens naturally simply due to the ubiquity of their product. Google, […]

A typical advertising enquiry

On Freelance Advisor we make a nice bit of revenue through banner ads. Thankfully, with Crunch paying the bills, we’re not dependent on our income to stay afloat – months where we have decent ad revenue just make me look better at my job. Selling banners these days is┬áhard though. I’d estimate that 95% of […]