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Sorry for doing another wordy update without any cute pictures in between, I’ll post some from the Halloween Party soon, I promise.

I’m sure all of you in the UK are bored of Swine Flu and think it’s terribly passée to talk about it now, but it’s still fairly exciting and newsworthy in Korea (9000 new cases a day last week!).   Lots more fun things have happened since my last update.  Here’s a quick rundown of events up to today.
–  Many more cases of Swine Flu have popped up at Ashley‘s Hagwon, their director has broken her own rules though and has stopped sending infected classes home for a week, using her in-depth medical knowledge as the basis for the decision (that was a little joke there – she has none).

–  Lots of the local public schools remain fully or partially closed, most of the Hagwons seem to be back open now though.
–  We still don’t know what the big important ‘government announcement’ was, or even if one took place.
–  Yesterday Korea went to Swine Flu Red Alert (FLUCON 5 as I just named it), meaning something or other. 
The biggest development of the past week was that a kid at Kid’s Club got the terrible influenza over the weekend.  Her mother took her to the doctor, who confirmed the diagnosis.  Kid’s Club were then informed, but our fears were assuaged when our director, using her in-depth medical knowledge (there’s that joke again), informed us that it wasn’t Swine Flu as the stupid doctor had ‘confirmed’ with his ‘tests’, it was just a temperature (sometimes kids just increase in temperature, you know?).  The truly amazing thing was that she reached this diagnosis having not seen or spoken to the girl in question, only her mother, who had only phoned to say that her daughter had Swine Flu.  Astonishing, I think you’ll agree.
Currently Kid’s Club is operating at about 50-60% capacity, a lot of kids simply aren’t coming back for a whole month, but this has led to a quite fun we’ll-cross-that-bridge-when-we-come-it approach from most of the teachers – some classes have been merged, we’re having some free periods, it’s all very interesting.

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  1. I conu1l&#82d7;t agree more. I think there is some real universal wisdom in Mom’s words and can envision sharing these words with my own girls at some point. I know I wish I had these words when I was about to embark on married life. Hope you are well!! xox

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