Every industry has its laggards. The kind of people who provide cringe-worthy quotes that you just know they’ll come to regret. Here’s a smattering of coverage and commentary of the cloud accounting industry. See if you can spot the odd one out –

CCH Magazine

“It’s the next big thing. Online, cloud-based accounting is coming and it’s for everyone, not just SMEs and iPhone fans.”

FreeAgent’s Ed Molyneux

“99.5% of our users said they would recommend the service to others.”

Brian Sommer on ZDNet

“The [accounting] software market is undergoing one of its periodic (and significant) changes. The underlying technology is different. The economics are different. The implementations are different and what IT people will do is changing.”

Steve O’Hear on TechCrunch

“The online accounting space in the UK is pretty crowded, as multiple cloud players aim to take the throne from the legacy incumbent Sage.”

And lastly Simon Dolan, Managing Director of SJD Accountancy (who provide their clients with an Excel spreadsheet to do their accounts) –

“Because everything’s online, people have naturally assumed that it’d be great to get bookkeeping online too, but it’s just the next spin. […] Say you’re sitting on a train on your way home and want to do your bookkeeping. You get halfway through, then go through a tunnel and you lose everything!”

That is, presumably if you didn’t asphyxiate first.

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