How to add naughty words to your Android dictionary

I love to swear. Fucking love it. I also love my Nexus 4, however these two things do not mix well. One of the foibles of Android is that it doesn’t include swear words in its dictionary, and will not allow you to add them using the in-line “Add to dictionary” dialogue when typing something. The irony here, of course, is that somewhere Android must have a repository of naughty words that it knows to blacklist. Nonetheless, this is irritating to me.

When using Android’s shiny new Gesture Typing feature this is double-annoying, and usually results in things like this –

This morning my annoyance peaked and I finally spent the time to figure out how to manually add rude words to the user dictionary to make offensive diatribes that much easier to pen. It’s actually pretty easy.

Settings -> Language & Input

Click here, citizen

From here, go to “Personal dictionaries” and choose your keyboard language – in my case, English (United Kingdom).

This will give you a list of all the unusual words you’ve previously added to your dictionary. As you can see I’ve already added a few of my most commonly-used expletives to the list.

A sweary list

Click the + button in the top-right

This will allow you to add a word. The “Add to dictionary” screen has one of those quirky (read: annoying) Android workflows, and to save your new entry you actually have to click the “Back” arrow in the top-left. So add your entry and click there to save it to the list.

Save your swears!

What the hell does “Shortcut” do?

Shortcut allows you to add a lengthier phrase and assign a shortened version to make typing it easier. It won’t auto-replace the shortcut with the phrase, but it will show up in the dictionary results for quicker selections. For example I added “OCD” as a shortcut for “Obsessive Compulsive Disorder”, and now I can quick-select that option when typing it in. Voilà –


So there you have it. May all your texts be rude, and may all your tweets be vulgar. Happy swearing!

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  1. I got a text message today. And in one of the sentences was what looked like an upside down Q but with a stroke going through the tail of that Q followed by three ??? and a C with a line going trough it like the dollar sign… Am i missing something here what does it mean. Please help

  2. You’re in my thoughts and prayers. My home burned when I was 11; we lost everything in those few minutes, but found that those things lost were nothing compared to the things that we2e&n#8r17;t lost- each other! You are so very blessed!

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