Freelance writer & columnist

As a freelance writer I’ve contributed to some of the biggest business and technology publications in the world, including The Guardian, Wired, TechCrunch, The Next Web, Laptop Magazine, Real Business and more.

I have also held regular columnist positions in several print magazines, including Photo Professional and IPSE Magazine.

What I write about

Business finance
Future of money
Content marketing
Social media
Emerging technology


What people say about my work

Over ten years of writing experience
I’ve written for publications and brands for over a decade on three different continents. This has given me invaluable expertise, contacts and insight into the industries and sectors I write about.

Digital native, but comfortable in print
I’ve grown up online, and it’s where I do the majority of my work. WordPress, Google Drive, Twitter and Wunderlist are the tools of my trade. That said, I love being in print too!

Craft your content - don't farm it
I work closely with all my clients. I love producing material that is not only engaging but targeted, presented beautifully, and using best-practice search optimisation to ensure maximum results.