Content strategy

Content strategy is the best way to grow your website traffic and win new business – and I have years of experience managing content strategy at some of the fastest growing businesses in the UK.

Do you feel like you’re blogging pointlessly? Writing regularly without seeing any return? Struggling to grow your traffic or convert your visitors? Don’t throw your time and money away – get in touch and get a proper content strategy in place.

My approach

Evergreen beats viral traffic every day

You can’t build a business on unpredictable viral spikes in traffic. Regular, reliable traffic is the best foundation for any lead generating website.

Targeted traffic is profitable traffic

Attracting traffic is easy. Attracting targeted traffic that converts well is hard. I’ll help you find that traffic and optimise your website to turn those visitors into customers.

Teach a man to fish...

I only work with clients who want to learn. I’ll show you how to master your content marketing, and give you as much support as you need.

No vanity metrics

Content strategy is part of your marketing strategy, and it has to deliver business. That’s the yardstick – not social shares.

Industry expertise

I’ve worked in the technology and B2B sectors for years. I know them inside out, and this knowledge helps me get better results for you.

Scalable and flexible

Every business is different, and so is every content strategy. It’s about making it work for you, whether you’re a business of one or one thousand.

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What I can do

Branded content

Turn your company into thought leaders with beautifully crafted content. I’ll show you how to publish it yourself, or get it in trade or national media.


Text is great – but images, videos and interactive content are better. I can help develop, plan, build and publicise engaging multi-format content.


Have an archive of content languishing on your website? I can show you how to transform it into a valuable source of new business.

Internal advocacy

Want to dive into content marketing but can’t convince the higher-ups? I’ll show you how to turn them around – that was how my career started!

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Who I’ve helped

Crunch Accounting

Through a combination of innovative content strategy, rigorous technical SEO and PR best practices I’ve helped Crunch grow into a UK Top 100 accountancy firm in just five years. The Crunch blog is the most popular publication for freelancers, SMEs and startups in the UK.

75% of Crunch’s traffic is a direct result of this investment in content marketing.

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