Someone make my online banking look like this

It seems no matter who your financial institution of choice, online banking is a total mess. I have yet to see an online banking system that is modern, functional and – most importantly – does what I want it to do. I could write a book about the ways in which Lloyds TSB’s online banking […]

Trip report: TransferWise

I feel like I’m on something of a roll fixing niggling problems recently. Recently I used to fix an incredibly specific and annoying email forwarding issue, and now I’ve fixed another bugbear using TransferWise, a very slick currency transfer system. The problem Forming one half of a transatlantic marriage has always had its own […]

Argos’ inexorable move to online-only

It’s been interesting watching the evolution of Argos over the last few years. Until recently their pitch was “we’re cheaper than other High Street retailers”, as seen in this ad from 2008: However since The Death of the High Street they’ve shifted their advertising to tackle online retailers with an interesting “order online, collect in store” […]

In other news

iPhone 5 touchscreens responding oddly to multiple, rapid diagonal swipes iMore: your source for iPhone defects that will only ever be experienced by 0.001% of users.

Analysing SEO link building strategies

My feelings on the SEO industry are no big secret. I think it’s fundamentally corrupt, damaging and in many cases a borderline scam. That’s not to say I don’t know many upstanding, talented and professional individuals who work in SEO, because I do. As someone who runs a relatively well-trafficked and well ranked website (Freelance […]

4G data speeds and allowances

Hardly the first to point this out, but EE’s 4G data allowances seem a little on the stingy side. 500MB per month for £36 on a two-year plan? That’s £864 before you’ve even bought a phone! According to this map from ZDNet the average 4G speed in London is around 16.5Mbps currently. At that speed you […]

The tablet market gets bitchy

Apple “The iPad Mini is way better than the Nexus 7!” Amazon “The Fire HD shits all over the iPad Mini!” Barnes & Noble “The Kindle is an ad-filled piece of crap!” All very amusing.