How to add websites and apps to your Chrome OS shelf

Here’s a handy tip I picked up the other day. Adding bookmarks to Chrome is pretty damn easy, obviously, but for some reason Google haven’t added the ability to put them on your Chrome OS shelf yet (the shortcut bar at the bottom of the screen). However, this feature is being built by Google and […]

Paym is the kind of mess you get when UK banks innovate

Paym launched today with wall-to-wall media coverage. It’s a new payment system developed by the Payments Council (the people in charge of making sure financial transactions in the UK work) that allows the sending and receiving of money using just a mobile number as identifying information.

How to check your bank balance by tapping your phone on your wallet

One simple (yet apparently unachievable) thing I’ve always wanted from my bank is an Android widget that displays my current balance. The Lloyds online banking system is an abject horror (as I’ve detailed at length before), and their mobile app is little more than a front end for their equally dire mobile site (as well […]

More whining about SEOs and link building strategies

A favourite sport of mine is to watch the continual twists and turns of the SEO industry. An interesting phenomenon I’ve encountered recently amongst fellow publishers is a fantastical weariness of the SEO industry chasing links, especially in “high value” publications. I think it’s always good practice to link to a company when you mention […]

How to add naughty words to your Android dictionary

I love to swear. Fucking love it. I also love my Nexus 4, however these two things do not mix well. One of the foibles of Android is that it doesn’t include swear words in its dictionary, and will not allow you to add them using the in-line “Add to dictionary” dialogue when typing something. […]

Brighton SEO – a tale of two urinals

WARNING for all #brightonseo boys. Venue has confusing toilet design. For clarity:… — Tom Bailey (@BomTailey) April 12, 2013 Yesterday I spent most of the day at the Brighton Dome attending BrightonSEO. Most of the people who know me raised at least one eyebrow when I announced I was going – I don’t have […]