K-Pop and Chaebols

This piece from The Verge today is an excellent introduction to the rather odd world of K-Pop, which is as close to a music factory as you’re likely to find on the planet. Disappointingly for a tech site the didn’t cover what is, for me, the most interesting aspect of K-Pop, which is that many […]

Korea, mother of invention

Recently I finally killed off the blog I used to keep when I lived in Seoul and transferred all the posts here. You can find them in reverse chronological order here. After moving them over I went on a bit of a wine-fuelled nostalgia trip and read a load of them for the first time […]

Leaving – Part 2

Ok, I’m safely in my accommodation in Taipei now after some hi-jinx involving actually finding the place. So, where was I? Oh yes, I said goodbye to all the Jupiter Class girls and went up the road to Soyouki to have goodbye drinks with all the local foreigners. I’d only actually invited a few people, […]

Leaving – Part 1

You may have noticed I haven’t updated my blog in any meaningful way for quite some time. This has been due to a combination of things. Firstly, I’ve been incredibly busy preparing my post-Korea travelling schedule, and secondly, I simply haven’t been doing anything interesting. I’ll give you a quick rundown of the last few […]

Catch Up

I've been slightly lax with my blogging recently, half due to computer related hi-jinx which meant I've had no photos to post, and half because I've been incredibly busy – my dear sweet Ashley is leaving these fair shores at the end of this week so we've been frantically ticking things off her list before […]


The week before last was the final week of the academic year, and as such on Friday we had our graduation ceremony. Orange Class, the oldest class, and the ones who were actually leaving to start proper school, wore western-style robes, everybody else wore their school uniform. Orange Class also got the dubious honour of […]

A “Love Latter” from Eddy’s Mum

To Dear Mr. JonWe appreciate your kindness.Eddy is always talking about you.He is always feeling your loveness.How to say ~Eddy will move Seoul on Mar 20.  So, the end ofthis month will be the last day for Eddy in Kids Club.Eddy and I will remember you forever.This Kindergardten is the first one where Eddyexperienced and […]

End-of-Year Revue

Three or so weeks ago it was announced to Dave and I that to celebrate the end of the academic year (Last day is this Friday), we would be putting on a show for all the parents.  The form of this show would be the results of the last few months Ballet, Gym and Musical […]


Yesterday myself, Ashley, Dave and Marisa embarked on our most terrifying adventure to date – a tour of the Korean DMZ. I’m going to include some stories about the DMZ in here too because frankly I find it fascinating. Some of the stories I knew prior to yesterday (I’m reading a big book about North […]

Wine Train Liveblog

8.40 – Boarded Train. Very fancy, slowly filling up. We’ve got a little booth to ourselves. From Wine Train 30.01.10 9.30 – Getting a little talk in Korean about the different wines we’ll be trying. Seems like we’re having red, then white, in sweet and dry varieties. 9.45 – The ‘Wine Tasting’ has commenced, although […]