That summer when Scientology tried to sue me

While having a bit of a clear-out recently, I came across a bundle of old documents I’d saved from an interesting period of my life – when I was involved with, and writing about, a series of worldwide protests against the Church of Scientology.

Eight tips to avoid commuting like an asshole

Now I’ll be the first to admit I’m not a happy commuter. Many people I know have had their revulsion dulled by years of appalling train services, long journey times and antisocial fellow travelers, but I’m not there yet. Small problems still enrage me, people behaving badly on trains maddens me, and of course the cost is […]

Mortgages and other wastes of time

Anyone reading The Times last weekend would have spotted my awkward face peering out from the front page of the Money section. Ashley and I were used as a case study of a freelancing couple who can’t get a mortgage. Our situation is a little different from most freelancers (a bizarre mixture of salaried employment, […]


07.40 Despite promising to make Ashley lunch while she gets ready for work, I fail on account of some over-ripe spinach and a shortage of salad dressing. Nevertheless, she thanks me for having the foresight to try, and gives me a kiss before she leaves for work. 08.45 A friendly – and slightly eccentric – […]

Coffee showdown: Small Batch, Your Grind & Hands On Coffee

When it comes to beverages, if it ain’t coffee, it ain’t shit. Ashley and I have been forging a caffeinated path to victory for some years now, and we know what we like. Dark, brooding coffees with chocolate and caramel overtones are the order of the day. Our tipple of choice for some months now has […]

Southern Rail: Invoice #1

It’s been roughly a fortnight since I decided to start invoicing Southern Rail every time they delayed, disrupted or otherwise inconvenienced me. Granted, two weeks isn’t a huge amount of data, but I thought it would be interesting to take a look at how my own experience relates to their published figures. February’s invoice, which […]