Brighton bloggers – come blog the Brighton Digital Festival with me

Every September Brighton hosts its very own Digital Festival, and it’s awesome. The 2012 festival featured everything from tech-inspired theatre to geeky pub quiz nights to Seb Lee-Delisle’s amazing audience-controlled digital fireworks. It’s the perfect showcase of the confluence of technology and the arts that takes place in our fair city, and it’s a highlight of the Brighton calendar every year.

The problem

Something that strikes me looking back at the 2012 Festival site is that, although it does very well in listing the events that took place, there’s not much in the way of coverage of the 2012 Festival – it’s just a monument to events past.

I think in 2013 that needs fixing, which is why as my own little contribution to the Festival I’m going to try to organise as much coverage as I can, which can them be attached to the 2013 Festival site to not only let future visitors know what happened, but to see and experience as much of it as they can without actually having been there.

What are we talking about here?

What form the coverage will take depends on the skillsets of the bloggers I can recruit, and what is appropriate for each event. Recorded videos would seem logical for some of the larger events (indeed I’m sure the ‘tentpole’ events like Brighton SEO will have their own video coverage sorted out already), but anything from liveblogs to photo slideshows to AudioBoos to Vines would work well at smaller events.

The Digital Festival is an eclectic affair, and any coverage we’re offering should be equally as diverse and interesting.

How can I get involved?

Glad you asked! This is very much an expeditionary blog post at the moment to get some initial interest going, but if you’re a Brightonian, have a blog, and love digital stuff then I want to hear from you. Enter your details below and once we’ve got a decent crowd going I’ll organise a proper discussion so we can work out the technicalities.

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