That summer when Scientology tried to sue me

While having a bit of a clear-out recently, I came across a bundle of old documents I’d saved from an interesting period of my life – when I was involved with, and writing about, a series of worldwide protests against the Church of Scientology.

How to check your bank balance by tapping your phone on your wallet

One simple (yet apparently unachievable) thing I’ve always wanted from my bank is an Android widget that displays my current balance. The Lloyds online banking system is an abject horror (as I’ve detailed at length before), and their mobile app is little more than a front end for their equally dire mobile site (as well […]

What are social share buttons really counting?

Every article online these days will sport the web-doohickey du jour,  social sharing buttons. Their purpose, ostensibly, is to let readers share that piece of content easily on their social network of choice – but they’re increasingly used in Internet dick-measuring contests to boast about ‘share counts’. However not all shares are equal. Each social network […]

My Content Marketing Show slides

Last week I was lucky enough to speak at the Content Marketing Show, a free bi-annual event in London for people working in content marketing / PR / social media / editorial (and anywhere in the fuzzy middle ground between them all). I spoke about the editorial planning process we use at Crunch, and how […]

Smoking solder at the Brighton Mini Maker Faire

Despite being rather involved with the Brighton Digital Festival this year, the entire first week of September went by without me attending a single event. At the weekend, finally with some free time on my hands, I attended the Mini Maker Faire. Now three years old, the Mini Maker Faire is an eclectic mix of […]

More whining about SEOs and link building strategies

A favourite sport of mine is to watch the continual twists and turns of the SEO industry. An interesting phenomenon I’ve encountered recently amongst fellow publishers is a fantastical weariness of the SEO industry chasing links, especially in “high value” publications. I think it’s always good practice to link to a company when you mention […]

Eight tips to avoid commuting like an asshole

Now I’ll be the first to admit I’m not a happy commuter. Many people I know have had their revulsion dulled by years of appalling train services, long journey times and antisocial fellow travelers, but I’m not there yet. Small problems still enrage me, people behaving badly on trains maddens me, and of course the cost is […]