A typical advertising enquiry

On Freelance Advisor we make a nice bit of revenue through banner ads. Thankfully, with Crunch paying the bills, we’re not dependent on our income to stay afloat – months where we have decent ad revenue just make me look better at my job.

Selling banners these days is hard though. I’d estimate that 95% of everyone who emails me through the advertising enquiry address isn’t actually after a banner, but a paid link (this goes back to what I was saying before about SEOs still using paid link tactics but dumping it under an “advertising” umbrella to justify it to their clients). This is a cut-down version of an advertising enquiry I’ve had recently, which is fairly typical.

Them: Hi, I wanted to enquire about advertising opportunities on your website?

Me: Hi! Thanks for getting in touch, our rate card is attached to this email. Let me know if you have any further questions.

Them: Thanks for the information. It’s not listed on the rate card, but how much would you charge for a site-wide plain text link in your website footer?

Me: Sorry, we only offer what’s listed in the rate card. We do banner ads and newsletter sponsorship – that’s it!

Them: Ok, no problem. How much would you charge to get an article placed on your website?

Me: Sorry, we don’t sell editorial space, just banners! Let me know if you have any further questions.

Them: Thanks Jon. What about if we were to provide you with some exclusive content, such as an infographic? How much would that cost?

Me: Again, just banners – sorry!

Them: How much would it cost for you to review our product? The review would be subject to our approval though.

Me: Sorry, all our reviews are written by our contributors of their own volition, we don’t accept money for them.

Them: How much much would it cost to feature in your sidebar?

Me: The ad spaces in the sidebar are listed in the rate card.

Them: I actually meant the “Recommended Reading” section – how much would it cost to get a link in that section?

Me: Again, those links aren’t available, they’re chosen based on what we think is most useful for our readers.

Them: Ok, gotcha. We’ll go with some banners then – we’ll set you up with an affiliate code and pay you an agreed fee per new account. We usually find this kind of arrangement results in better returns for both parties!

Me: Sorry, we don’t generally enter into affiliate arrangements, our advertising fees are on the rate card.

Them: Ahh, that’s a real shame. How much again did you say it would cost for a text link in the footer?


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