Southern Rail: Invoice #1

Southern Rail ate my hamsterIt’s been roughly a fortnight since I decided to start invoicing Southern Rail every time they delayed, disrupted or otherwise inconvenienced me.

Granted, two weeks isn’t a huge amount of data, but I thought it would be interesting to take a look at how my own experience relates to their published figures.

February’s invoice, which I started on the 17th, totals £75.46. This works out at £6.29 per day or, if we extrapolate, £176.08 per month. I pay £127.70 for my monthly ticket.

I travelled by train on seven of the twelve days the invoice covers, totalling fourteen trips. Of these journeys, six were delayed, and one was cancelled entirely. This works out at an on-time rate of 57% – rather less than Southern Rail’s published figure for February-March which clocks their punctuality at 88%.

I’ll be posting my invoice to Southern Rail tomorrow. Here is the covering letter I’ll be including:

Dear Southern Rail,

Please find enclosed my first invoice for delays, cancellations and inconvenience your service has caused me for the period February 17th – February 28th.

Your current “Delay Repay” scheme fails to account for the vast majority of delays and service alterations that impact commuters on your network. Indeed, I believe only one item on my invoice would be reclaimable under the Delay Repay scheme, yet several of the listed episodes caused hindrance above and beyond the monetary value of the ticket.

The unacceptably high level of delays and cancellations to Southern services is having a material impact on my earnings and ability to conduct myself in a professional manner, and so I am forced to seek compensation in this manner.

If you wish to discuss this issue my email address is above, I look forward to payment within 28 days.


Jon Norris

Wish me luck.

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