Hi, I’m Jon. I’m a freelance writer, editor and content strategist.

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Hi, I’m Jon. I’m a freelance writer, editor and content strategist.

Jon Norris

I work with individuals and businesses to help them grow their audience and attract more customers with organic search traffic.

How I help


Content strategy


Freelance editorial


Traffic acquisition

On-page search optimisation



Branded content

Who I’ve helped

Crunch Accounting


Content & social strategy for the UK’s leading online accountancy firm

How I helped Crunch



Branded content for London’s game-changing foreign exchange startup

How I helped TransferWise


The Guardian

Thought leadership, industry commentary and expert contributions for The Guardian

My skills



Google Analytics

Technical SEO

PR & outreach

Speaking & workshops


Social media


“Jon was always a pleasure to work with. His stories were always well researched and written with great wit! I was lucky to have worked with him.”

Nicole Scott, cofounder, Mobile Geeks

Mark James, Simply Business


“Jon is a cracking Web Editor. Having come into a content writing straight after Uni, Jon whipped me into shape, transforming me from a vitriolic football writer into a burgeoning business writer.”

Latest Posts

How to serve a TimelineJS iframe over a secure HTTPS connection

A minor niggle, but one that it took me an inordinate amount of time to find the answer to today – if you’re using Knight Labs’ excellent Timeline JS plugin to power an interactive timeline on your site, you’ll find the iframe loads over a standard HTTP connection.

How to get unlimited free Facebook Likes on any post

Excuse the rather spammy title. This caught my eye today – some academic research into how companies can game Facebook Likes to beef up their social stats. It reminded me of something I discovered about Facebook Likes when putting together this piece about social share counts.

Doing data-driven content when you are Not A Smart Man (or woman)

I’m quietly quite proud of the data-driven content I’ve produced over the last few years, and I think there are still deep veins of data-rich content waiting to be tapped by organisations that want to experiment.